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Sunday, February 3, 2008

1st Post and a Freebie!

This is so exciting, my 1st ever post!! I've been trying to get it done all day, but the girls & I went to the Botanical Gardens with Nanny & Gramps this afternoon. By the time we got home it was time for dinner, baths etc!! Nanny & I got some great shots of the girls, so it was worth braving the hot afternoon.

I just loved this pic, one of my favs for the day. Miss Chloe was in another one of her moods today, so I had trouble getting any good pics of her, but I did like this one.Ok, it's getting really late now, so I'm going finish up & head to bed. I've been trying my hand at designing and have just finished my 1st ever papers, so it's freebie time!!!!
These are my 1st attempt, so I'll guarantee you that they are not perfect, but I've already used them in a few lo's and they come up not too shabby! You can download them here. Tfl!!


Helen Hancock said...

So happy to see you here in blogland. I love blogging! Started it off so family and friends could keep in touch and I wasn't filling everyone's in boxes up with photos! LOL! It will be great to see more of you and as for your venture into making your own stuff....CONGRATULATIONS...I think that is wonderful! Love the papers....will put them to use real soon! Have a great day Bree!

Celeste said...

THanks for the papers, Bree! I love em! I can't wait to use them!! Thanks for the sweet message you sent me too! They are every bit as good as Amanda's -- You've got SKILLZZ! lol -- Celeste

Kami said...

Girl, these papers are awesome!! Great designing and can't wait to use them!!!!!!

leahrose said...

these are great as soon as i get my computer back i will download!!!!i some hoe deleted every png file i my cimputer guy is trying to recover all my stuff!!

Leah & Terry said...

I saw Helen's awesome Lo's with your new papers and I just had to come and grab them!! They are so pretty.

I love the pics of your daughters they are very pretty.