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Friday, March 21, 2008

And The Winner Is..............

Okay, so the votes have been counted!! It was looking to be a 3 way tie, but over night (for me it was night anyway), a clear winner has emerged with 52% of the votes!! Michelle (TellBell) has won with her 'PURE MAGIC' layout.Congrats Michelle on a fabulous page!! You have won a complete copy of my Gelati Kit! I'll PM you with the links!! Thanks again to everyone that took part in the challenge, you did some amazing pages!! I had a ball doing my page, I love a challenge that is a real challenge and gets you thinking.

Don't forget that my brand new kit 'DUSTY ROSES' has just hit the store, so go and take a look, there is a link to Snap and Scrap on the sidebar!!
You can purchase the complete kit or the just paper pack with a whopping 16 papers!!

Kami has a great new kit over at ACOT called 'NATURE'S BEAUTY'. I had a heap of fun using it for this page yesterday.
I'm taking a little break over the Easter Weekend, so I will post a freebie and a challenge at the start of next week! I wish you all a very Happy and SAFE Easter break! Take some time to relax with family and friends and be sure to take heaps of beautiful photos to scrap afterwards!!!
Cheers :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Magic Challenge Voting Open & Guest CTM Announcement

Wow, this week has just flown by!! Chloe finishes school tomorrow for term holidays, so Mummy can look forward to 2 weeks of sleeping in a little later and unrushed mornings!! Can't wait. Okay, I finally finished my lo for the challenge. I did this just to join in the fun, so it won't appear in the voting poll.

I used:- Old Alpha freebie - Val ( .
Earthtones Black pp, Flower (recoloured), Sparkle Trail Overlay - All Scrap'it freebies available here.

Dusty Roses Offwhite pp and antique brad - Scrap'it designs by Brianna Cox available 21/03/08

Fonts - Scriptiva, Jefferson and Garamond.

Okay here are all of the AMAZING entries for this week's challenge (just click on the image for a closer look):-









I can't get over how beautiful they all've done a fabulous job!! I hope I haven't missed anyone. Let me know if I have!! Please note that each layout has a number to it's left. This is the number that you need to select in the voting poll to vote for this page. In the interests of good fun, please vote for a page other than your own. You may only vote once. You can find the voting poll to the right under the Snap and Scrap logo. The winner will receive a free Gelati kit. If the winner of the poll has already purchased the kit, then the prize will go to the next in line, and so on. The poll will close on 20/03/08 at midnight and the winner will be announced on 21/03/08.

Speaking of announcements....I have another one!! Christine Bisch (aka cmnb) has been selected as a guest Scrap'it CTM for March!! I noticed this fabulous lo in the gallery using my new Gelati Kit.

Isn't it just gorgeous!!! Every month I will select someone to be a guest CTM. If you do a layout using my products and it catches my eye, then you could be next!! Christine received a free copy of my new Dusty Roses Kit which will be available in the shop on 21/03/08, and a March Scrap'it Guest CTM Blinkie.
I hope everyone takes the time to vote and I wish you all a wonderful, happy and SAFE Easter!! Hope the bunny visits your house and leaves lotsa eggs!!


Bree :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Magic Challenge and Freebie

Hi everyone!! Wow, it has been such a crazy week!! I haven't been to bed before 1am for the whole week & I look and feel like scrap!! Hopefully the most of it is finished with now and I can relax a little & get some more designing and scrapping done. I finally finished my new Gelati Kit.

I'm really proud of this one. It's my 1st big Full kit. It will be available at Snap and Scrap on Friday 14th March, so I hope you will go and check it out! Here is a little something I put together with this kit.

My Niece is such a little cutie!!

Okay, so now to the challenge. Seeing as we didn't have a challenge last week, I though that I would make this one a REAL challenge. This week's challenge must include:-

The Sparkle Trail Overlay Freebie.

It must also have one of the following words somewhere on the page: MAGIC, MAGICAL, MYSTICAL or MAGESTIC. Try and be as creative as you can with this.

You must include at least 1 other bling element in addition to the sparkle overlay.

You must include at least 1 flower on your page.

You must use at least 2 different papers (not the same one re-coloured).

You must upload and link your page to this blog (PM me if you have trouble) by this time next Wednesday.

Once all of the layouts have been linked I will get you all to vote for your favorite page and the winner will receive a copy of the Full GELATI KIT!!!!

I will get mine done shortly and post it just for fun! I hope this new setup will be ok with everyone.

You can download the Sparkle Trail Overlay Freebie here. I also have another small freebie just because.

You can download the Sweet Journaling Strips Freebie here.

Ok, I hope you all have fun!! Cheers :)

Friday, March 7, 2008


Okay, so I know I've been dragging this out for a while, but I have just been so busy this week!! I have some really exciting news to share with you all. I've just joined the design team at 'Snap and Scrap'!! YAY.....I'm just so excited!! All of my designs will be available in the store very soon!! I've been really busy this week trying to get my previews ready & my files uploaded. You can find a link to Snap and Scrap in my scrap spots section. There are some very talented designers already at the site, and I believe I am one of quite a few newbies just starting out, so be sure to go and have a look.

I have to make a quick special thanks to Marilyn Cox (Mum), Kami Pfingsten & Helen Hancock for all of their advice and support in the last couple of weeks, it was very much appreciated....THANK YOU!!

1st of all, my Mum (Mazzy) was always going to be on my Creative Team, I love her work and just had to have her. Mum is in 'addition' to the members chosen from my call, just to keep things fair.

Okay, now to the HARD bit. I have agonised over this decision for a week. Just when I thought I was sure, I changed my mind again!! There were so many very talented digiscrappers who answered the call. Thank you so much to everyone who threw their hat in the ring!! I had so much trouble making up my mind, that I decided to add one more to the team, making it my lucky number 7!!

Introducing my new Creative Team:-

Marilyn Cox (Mazzy)
Celeste Grover (Redgrover)
Kami Pfingsten (Kami)
Natasha Cruz (Bcnatty)
Shannon Curtis (Shanarama)
Christiane Kouns (ChristianeK)
Kristine Brown (FLteacher)

Welcome to the team ladies!! I will email you shortly with all of the details!

OMGoodness, did I mention that I was excited!!!

Thanks again to everyone who answered my call, your support was overwhelming and very much appreciated!!



Thursday, March 6, 2008

3-for-all Challenge Winners

Okay, so this week's random winners are:-
Becky Hopkins

This week's mystery prize is the Gelati Paper Pack from my new Gelati Kit:-

Ladies, I will PM you with your prize!!

There is no new challenge for this week, but I have a really BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to make tomorrow, so I hope you check back in!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

It's All About Kami!!

Hi everyone!! I think that most of you would have heard by now that Kami was picked up by ACOT and is now selling her amazing designs from their website!! I'm just so excited for her!! I am even more excited about being on her CT. I went in last night & downloaded all of her designs & had so much fun putting this together.

I used:-
Basic Black Complete Kit
Rock Star Paper Pack
Green Grunge Alpha
all by 'Kreations by Kami' (there is a link at the side to ACOT and Kami's shop) Be sure to go & check them out!!

Congratulations so deserved this!!!!!!!!

For those of you who are waiting on the announcement of my CT, I'm really sorry, but I am still trying to decide. I couldn't believe the amazing response that I got to the call, much more than I had ever expected. I will try not to keep you waiting for too much longer!