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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Snap and Scrap

Wow, how sad it is that Snap and Scrap will be closing down at the end of the month!! I have to say that I am devestated! Snap and Scrap was my 1st home as a designer and I have loved my time there!! The team is such a wonderful, friendly bunch of gals and I'm going to miss working with them all so much!!

But if we have to go, then we're going to go out with a BANG!! Check out the awesome sale we have on!!


So~Inkin~Cute said...

Bree, I must say that I am devastated, too! I sooo wish there was a way to keep Snap & Scrap open!

I am kinda bummed you are having these wicked sales, and I am so poor I can't even afford 60-85% off!!! I know it sounds terrible, but I have been unemployed since last August. I have never been unemployed in my adult life and I have really had to hang on to every cent I have.

I shopped a bit last month just to satisfy my urge, I sure wish I would have shopped your store!

I will read your blog entirely so I can keep up to date with all the stores you will be selling at.

I am a huge fan, it's just been unfortunate that I started digi-scrapping AFTER I lost my job. I figured it'd be cheaper than my $500/mo. shopping habit for paper scrap supplies. The good news is, I have enough paper supplies to last me a lifetime!! :-)

I wish you much success. You're an absolute gem!

Warm regards,

Breeza said...

Hi Candi,

I'm so sorry to hear that. These sue are tough times. I haven't done an awful lot of scrap shopping in the last few months myself!! But you are right, digi is certainly a lot cheaper than paper!!

It really is sad about SnS, but I do have some good news!!! Read my new post!! We'd love to see you around the new site!! You can check back here for updates on our opening and Grandopening!!

Thanks for your support Candi and take care xox

charlie said...

Good luck with the new website Bree..I know it will be a hit!