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Monday, June 15, 2009

Beautiful Day!!

Today has just been one of those days that you just LOVE!! A pretty ordinary Sunday.....Mum came for a visit this morning and we sat around drinking coffee and catching up. We had a lazy lunch and the girls played XBOX for a while. Then we decided it was time for some fresh air. After all of the rain (yes it has actually been raining in Bendigo!!) today was sunny, still cool, but beautifully sunny!! We went for a walk down to the corner store and treated ourselves to cola chuppa chups and then headed to the local park. We are pretty new to the area, only been living in this street for a few months. Pheobe and I have visited the park a few times, but I've never really taken much notice of anything other than the playground. The girls went straight over to the swings and the seesaw and were playing happily, so I started to explore a little. I was pleasantly surprised to find a freestanding wall in the middle of the park that had been provided for the local kids to paint with graffiti. I can't believe that I hadn't noticed it before, it looked fantastic. So of course, I had to make the most of!! I called the kids on over and took some shots! Here are my fav ones for the day!!

So all-in-all, a pretty great day!! TFL!!


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