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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Had A Big Day!!

Man....what a day!! Had both of the girls home today. Chloe was recovering from a bout of gastro from Yesterday and Pheobe was having an issue with the temp kindergarten teacher and refused to go!!

After months and months of tantrums, screaming, crying etc, Chloe and I decided that it was time for her beautiful long locks to go. It was bitter/sweet for me. I knew that life was going to be a whole lot easier once Chloe had her hair cut short, but I just loved her beautiful long hair!! Anyhoo, this was Chloe this morning.

And this part brought me to tears!! :(

Chloe couldn't wipe the smile off her face while the hairdresser made the finishing touches to her new do!! She couldn't believe how light her hair felt and we were both really happy with how the cut turned out!!

And she was even happier with her new do once Mum got her home and did a little styling.

And then to commemorate the occasion, we had a little photo shoot!!

But the day didn't end there!! A little later we had a shoot with the adorable Mr J. Note to self.....handing child TimTam before the shoot is probably not the best did make him happy!!

And I finished the day with a family shoot for Miss I's Reconciliation night. I haven't finished proofing yet, but I'll post the pics tomorrow.....right now, I need sleep!!!


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Pene said...

Beautiful photos Bree! I can understand the sadness about the hair, but she looks amazing and so grown up! And the other photos are gorgeous too!