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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Yesterday morning I roused the girls up at 6am (still pitch black) and got them ready for the fun day ahead. Along with Nanny Maz we boarded the train headed for Melbourne. It was my youngest dd's 1st ever train trip and she spent almost the whole trip standing up looking out the window! We spent the whole day walking around the Royal Melbourne Zoo. It was the 1st time my girls had ever been and the 1st time Mum and I had been since I was a little girl. It was fabulous!! The highlights for me were the big cats (my favs), seeing Chloe & Phebs' faces when a HUGE male lion walked right up to them (about 1 metre away), the giraffes, getting up close and personal with an enormous silver-back (I had no idea how big they really are) and watching the girls experience the zoo for the very 1st time. The low points.....a few incidents of moddiness from the kids, trying to get good shots through plexiglass and chainlink, feeling like I was going to pass-out in the humidity of the butterfly enclosure and the trip home on an overcrowded train (poor Mum had to stand for nearly 30 mins before there was a seat available....and yes, I did offer her mine several times but I had Phebs asleep on my lap and Chloe asleep on the floor next to me)!! All in all we had a fabulous day....a great way to end the School Holidays!!

Here's few of my fav pics for the day:-


maz111 said...

You got some fabulous shots, and yes, it was a GREAT day, one of which I feel extremely priveleged to have experienced with you. Can't wait to see some lo's from these pics.
Love ya
Mum xoxoxox

Sharon said...

What great pics you got Bree...our family is Friends of the Zoo which means we can go to any of the 3 Victorian zoos for free...we haven't been much this year but the kids absolutely love it, especially Werribee. But my fave is always good old Melbourne. Love that new orangutang exhibit.