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Friday, August 28, 2009

Photo Shoot

I finally had a bit of time this week to drag out the poor little baby has been gathering cobwebs of late. I asked Pheobe if she would like Mummy to take her photo, and she seemed quite excited about it. So off I went to set up the shoot and then low and behold, she decides that she's going to make Mummy work for it!! Pfft, despite her grumpy mood and unco-operative behaviour, I still managed to get some good shots!!

Here are a few of my favs for the day!

And this is about my fav photo so far this year....I know I'm her Mum and I'm biased, but my gosh.......she's so darn adorable!! :)

And just a little extra........Miss N stopped by for a visit today in the cutest little skirt, so I quickly got a shot. I tried something a little different than my usual with this one and I am really pleased with how it turned out.

Ok, so I just wanted to share xoxox


maz111 said...

Absolutely STUNNING photography Bree. You did an amazing job with these shots!!!!!

Cristina said...

They're amazing!!! Her eyes are incredible! Did you use any flash?
You really should use your camera more often, because your shots are gorgeous!

Breeza said...

Thanks Mum!!

Cristina, I'm toying with a new method where I have bright natural light coming in from one angle (I love the catchlights it throws in the eyes) and then use my flash from the opposite angle to eat up any shadows. So far I'm really liking the way they are coming out! :)

marianne said...

it's FAB!!!! so beautiful hun!!!

ChristianeK said...

all I can say is wow...these are amazing Bree!!!

Sharon said...

OMG Bree, Pheobe is just so photogenic and her eyes just shine! Totally stunning photos that I could stare at all day :)

Cristina said...

Thanks Bree, yes the catchlights are just amazing! If only I had a more willing subject than my husband.. LOL He hates when I take pics of him, but I'd love to improve my portraits!