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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pheobe's Photo Shoot

I know, I know......I'm going nuts with the posts today, but I've just got so much stuff to share!!

We had the strangest day Yesterday. I picked Pheobe up from Kinder and the sun was shining. I've been wanting to get some practice in with shooting is full sunlight, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do it. I got Phebs out in the backyard and the cape weed was in flower. So I taught her how to make daisy chains.....just like I used to do in the paddocks when I was a girl. She loved it and I set about snapping away!!

I got some fabulous shots and she had a ball....especially decorating the furbabies!!

As you can see, they didn't mind all the attention!! And have you ever heard the saying, "Never work with Children or Animals"? Well this is why!!

Anyway, we just finished and it started to pour down with rain. I couldn't believe it!! We all raced inside before we got drenched. By the time we went to pick Chloe up from school it was freezing and it started to HAIL!! Seriously, we waited in the car for Chloe to come out and watched ice bounce off the windshield!! And low and behold, we got home and out came the sunshine I said....weird day!!

:) xox


byWilma said...

Bree, those are such great shots!

cmnb said...

Oh, Bree, those photos are gorgeous! Phoebe's eyes in the 1st and 3rd are stunning!

Crystal Howser said...

Great photos Bree!