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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Magic Challenge and Freebie

Hi everyone!! Wow, it has been such a crazy week!! I haven't been to bed before 1am for the whole week & I look and feel like scrap!! Hopefully the most of it is finished with now and I can relax a little & get some more designing and scrapping done. I finally finished my new Gelati Kit.

I'm really proud of this one. It's my 1st big Full kit. It will be available at Snap and Scrap on Friday 14th March, so I hope you will go and check it out! Here is a little something I put together with this kit.

My Niece is such a little cutie!!

Okay, so now to the challenge. Seeing as we didn't have a challenge last week, I though that I would make this one a REAL challenge. This week's challenge must include:-

The Sparkle Trail Overlay Freebie.

It must also have one of the following words somewhere on the page: MAGIC, MAGICAL, MYSTICAL or MAGESTIC. Try and be as creative as you can with this.

You must include at least 1 other bling element in addition to the sparkle overlay.

You must include at least 1 flower on your page.

You must use at least 2 different papers (not the same one re-coloured).

You must upload and link your page to this blog (PM me if you have trouble) by this time next Wednesday.

Once all of the layouts have been linked I will get you all to vote for your favorite page and the winner will receive a copy of the Full GELATI KIT!!!!

I will get mine done shortly and post it just for fun! I hope this new setup will be ok with everyone.

You can download the Sparkle Trail Overlay Freebie here. I also have another small freebie just because.

You can download the Sweet Journaling Strips Freebie here.

Ok, I hope you all have fun!! Cheers :)


cmnb said...

That is a challenge! Whoa... this one's gonna take some work! LOL. Love the kit, Bree. Those bright colours are just what we need to brighten our day since spring doesn't seem to be coming anytime soon. But I don't think I'll be able to wait to try and win it. I think I will probably break down and buy and then play for fun! Love the overlay and the labels. Hope you're able to catch up on your rest but keep the designs coming! You've got a talent for it.

Have a great week!

Breeza said...

Mazuntex has joined in this week's challenge. Here's the link to Helen's layout

GrammaCuts said...

Hey Bree,
Now this was a challenge!! Thanks for helping to keep me inspired...this was a lot of fun!
Here's the link to my layout:

Celeste said...

OKay Bree -- that challenge was REALLY challenging! It took me like 3 days to figure it all was very fun though! THanks!
Here's mine:

MommyK said...

This was my first time participating in a challenge and I totally enjoyed myself.
link to my lo

Becky Hopkins said...

I love this overlay! This was a great challenge, Bree, thanks!

Here's my lo:

Breeza said...

Glenda (horse-withnoname) has joined in this week's challenge! You find her layout here

samsmyman said...

This was a great challenge, bree! Here is the link:


gnGracie said...

Hey Bree. I'm having technical difficulties with my gallery (can't edit to allow public embedding). So, I've uploaded to photobucket and attatched the links here (see below). This was a fun challenge and I really had to think about it and play around to come up with something. Thanks for the inspiration and the goodies!

gnGracie said...
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verabear said...

I hopped over from Snap and Scrap to thank you for your comment on my layout :) I totally didn't expect to pick up a freebie here too, but am happy. :) I really think I'd like to checkout the challenges you've got here.