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Friday, March 7, 2008


Okay, so I know I've been dragging this out for a while, but I have just been so busy this week!! I have some really exciting news to share with you all. I've just joined the design team at 'Snap and Scrap'!! YAY.....I'm just so excited!! All of my designs will be available in the store very soon!! I've been really busy this week trying to get my previews ready & my files uploaded. You can find a link to Snap and Scrap in my scrap spots section. There are some very talented designers already at the site, and I believe I am one of quite a few newbies just starting out, so be sure to go and have a look.

I have to make a quick special thanks to Marilyn Cox (Mum), Kami Pfingsten & Helen Hancock for all of their advice and support in the last couple of weeks, it was very much appreciated....THANK YOU!!

1st of all, my Mum (Mazzy) was always going to be on my Creative Team, I love her work and just had to have her. Mum is in 'addition' to the members chosen from my call, just to keep things fair.

Okay, now to the HARD bit. I have agonised over this decision for a week. Just when I thought I was sure, I changed my mind again!! There were so many very talented digiscrappers who answered the call. Thank you so much to everyone who threw their hat in the ring!! I had so much trouble making up my mind, that I decided to add one more to the team, making it my lucky number 7!!

Introducing my new Creative Team:-

Marilyn Cox (Mazzy)
Celeste Grover (Redgrover)
Kami Pfingsten (Kami)
Natasha Cruz (Bcnatty)
Shannon Curtis (Shanarama)
Christiane Kouns (ChristianeK)
Kristine Brown (FLteacher)

Welcome to the team ladies!! I will email you shortly with all of the details!

OMGoodness, did I mention that I was excited!!!

Thanks again to everyone who answered my call, your support was overwhelming and very much appreciated!!




cmnb said...

Congratulations, Bree! That's so exciting. I was hoping you would be announcing your designs would for sale somewhere! Heading there now to check it out! So happy for you. You really deserve it!

And great choices for your CT!

Shanarama said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I just *knew* that you and your products would be picked up by someone and I am so very happy for you. You have so much to offer and it is my *absolute privilage* to participate on your CT. I am soooooooooo excited!!!!! Thank you so much and way to go, girl! You very much deserve it! :)

Helen said...

Congrats!!! Just WHERE do you find the time? I can't believe that you do all this, have two little ones at home and still find time to check out our galleries and leave comments! You are truly amazing!
HelenM (mazuntex)

Celeste said...

YAY BREE!!! I'm so glad you are selling your stuff -- you are one talented girl, that's for sure! I'm so excited to be on your team and I hope I can give your designs the justice they deserve!! You are awesome!!!

gnGracie said...
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gnGracie said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Bree!! I can't say I'm surprised at all; I'm just surprised someone didn't snatch you up sooner! You're very talented and you have a wonderful eye for putting things together beautifully. I'll be stopping by your store to check it out.

Brandy (gnGracie)

Helen Hancock said...

That is SO EXCITING! Such wonderful news.....and so well deserved. Congratulations. Told you! You will be great! Remember to breathe and enjoy it all. No need to say have an awesome long weekend.

ChristianeK said...

Congratulations Bree! I am so happy for you. You are a fantastic designer and I know you'll do great. I am so thrilled to be on your CT. Take care and big hugs :)